Dr. John

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Original 1977 Sleevenotes:
Malcolm Rebennack came into this world direct from between the thighs of Marie Laveau on Mardi Gras morning.  As soon as he started breathing, the attending physician Dr. Lolo Robicheaux gave him a spoonful of secret gumbo from a recipe inspired by Jean Lafitte.  Folks, he ain't never been the same since.  Once he could walk and talk Dr. Robicheaux gave him an infusion of voodoo blood mos' scociously due to the gris-gris that was laying aroun' his front door, and tol' Malcolm that he was really Dr. John, da Night Tripper.  Rather thank raise a fuss about schoolin' and books, the boy they once called Malcolm decide then and there to heal people wit' his music.  He immediately jumped the St. Charles streetcar to the end of the line and direct into heaven, then touched his finger to the finger of Cosimo Matassa once he arrived.  I swear upon every hoodoo devil that hovered over Haiti that Dr. John has been working some mean medicine every day thereafter.  Ain't no lie.  I was listening to dis piece o' platter just last night and my lala wouldn't start and my yaya wouldn't stop.  Now that's some heavy magic.  "Course it's the way I like it".
~ Jojo Fineaux


The Crazy Cajun Recordings

Malcolm Rebennach as Dr. John, the Night Tripper has demonstrated on amazingly high degree of funmanship as the third generation son of the Second Lne, the light New Orleans rhumba rhythm that was defined in popular music initially by Roy "Professor Longhair" Byrd, Huey "Piano" Smith, and later refined for even greater mass acceptance by Antoine "Fats" Domino. Dr. john no longer resided in Mew Orleans and currently devotes most of his energies to behind the scene projects in California, such as producing Van Morrison. The selections here however are as down home NOLA as re beans and rice. And they are all originals from Malcolm Rebennack. Hot as fiyo on the bayou from the Man with the Plan from the Gitgo. ~ Joe Nick Patoski

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Just Like A Mirror - Dr. John

Dr. John

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